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 New competitive items in Sun and Moon

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Mademoiselle C

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PostSubject: New competitive items in Sun and Moon   Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:23 am

I was just looking up the new items in Sun and Moon and I wanted a place to write down which ones might be useful competitively so I decided to post a list here.

Adrenaline Orb: +1 speed when intimidated
Electric Seed: +1 defense in Electric Terrain
Grassy Seed: +1 defense in Grassy Terrain
Misty Seed: +1 special defense in Misty Terrain
Psychic Seed: +1 special defense in Psychic Terrain
Terrain Extender: Extends the duration of any Terrain induced by the holder with a move or ability
Protective Pads: Protects user from effects caused by making direct contact with targets (not that useful, but could be used in formats that have an item clause like VGC when better items are already being used by teammates)

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New competitive items in Sun and Moon
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